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Gary L. Stapp Law Office

Criminal Law Attorney: Defense including DWI/DUI, traffic violations, assault, and more serious infractions.

DUI/DWI charges

DUI charges can be surprisingly serious.  Many people are surprised to find out they can be charged with DUI/DWI  while operating a motorized vehicle of any kind.  This includes snowmachines, four-wheelers, and boats.  These charges include fines, imprisonment and frequently a loss of license.  It can also raise the cost of your insurance significantly, result in your vehicle being impounded, and include mandatory probation and alcohol/drug safety classes or treatment.  There is also the risk of imprisonment.  These charges are not to be taken lightly.

DUI/DWI cases can be complex and involve forensic evidence, expert analysis, and testimony when they go to trial.  An experienced lawyer is important to aggressively defend you.  I have over 30 years experience, and an excellent success rate.  No attorney can guarantee success, but finding one experienced and knowledgeable is crucial to giving you your best chance.

If you are charged with a DUI, it is suggested that you consult with a good DUI attorney. This by no means condones drinking and driving, but the severity of a DUI charge, even a first offense, is such that legal representation is of the utmost importance

My law firm provides aggressive criminal defense for a wide range of misdemeanor and felony charges. Additionally, I have experience within the Juvenile Court system and offer criminal defense representation for juveniles charged with DUI and theft.

I offer aggressive representation for:
Possession or distribution of any illegal substance
​ Rape
Sexual assault
Child pornography
​ Domestic violence
Reckless driving/traffic violation
​ Fishing and game violations

Extensive Representation

 At the Law Office of Gary L. Stapp, my goal is to protect your rights and to ensure you receive fair treatment as your case goes through the legal system. I possess sophisticated knowledge of constitutional law. When reviewing your charges, I can evaluate police procedure to see whether the search and seizure or arrest was legal. If not, I will fight to have evidence suppressed and charges dismissed.

​As a seasoned defense lawyer, I also provide thorough case preparation. I will interview witnesses, gather police reports and leverage the discovery process to build the foundation for your defense. When available I will negotiate your charges and pursue plea bargains to help minimize your consequences. 

At the Law Office of Gary L. Stapp, I understand the emotional stress and social stigma associated with criminal charges such as drug crimes. Besides time in a jail or prison, you could lose your job and family due to a criminal conviction. I also understand how our small community reacts to local news. You may  face public shame from your neighbors, church and other members of the community. As a longtime Fairbanks criminal defense lawyer, I am committed to minimizing your legal consequences. I offer more than 30 years' experience as an attorney, covering a wide range of misdemeanor and felony charges. I dedicate significant time, energy and resources to investigating criminal cases and formulating effective litigation and trial strategies. 

Here is some free advice...

Know your rights

  • Remain silent.  I know it is hard, but you have the  right to remain silent.  That is the  best way to help yourself.
  • Call an attorney
  • If you cannot afford one, request that one be provided for you

Most of us watch enough television to  be familiar with the Miranda rights.  But the Miranda rights are read only AFTER an arrest has been made.  Much evidence given in trial is recordings or statements given before being arrested.  The police  can and  will still use any statements against you in trial.  People think the police will warn them, and read them their rights.  This is not the case, until you are charged with a crime.  GIVING UP YOUR RIGHT TO REMAIN SILENT IS A BIG MISTAKE.  It can cause a lifetime of regret and dire consequences.

You cannot be arrested for refusing to answer a police officers questions.  If you want to refuse, but feel it makes you look guilty, then make a statement that your attorney advised you not to  say anything until he is  present.  People think they are acting "guilty" by not talking with the police, but in reality you are really being smart.


 Blood alcohol concentration (BAC), is the system of measure used to determine how much alcohol is in your bloodstream. The blood alcohol limit in Alaska is 0.08%, unless you are operating a commercial vehicle, in which case the limit is 0.04%. If you are arrested for suspicion of DUI and you are suspected of also being under the influence of drugs, the officer may require that you undergo a blood or urine test to determine the presence of drugs in your bloodstream.

Suspicion of DUI

In Alaska, the DMV regulations say that if you hold a driver's license, you have given the state what is known as "implied consent." That means, if you are stopped by an officer on a suspicion of DUI, you have already given the officer permission to test your breath or blood for the presence of alcohol or drugs.

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