Gary is a true Alaskan. He loves everything about living here.  He loves hunting,  fishing,  and is happiest out  enjoying some Alaskan adventure.  Gary is an avid snowmachine rider, known for making the high mark at Summit or Cantwell.   But he is not just a thrill seeker.  He also enjoys being with his family, trail riding  in to a remote cabin, or even setting up a tent for winter camping.  Gary has hunted bear, sheep, mountain goat, and lots of caribou and moose here in Alaska, and is a proud member of the 60 inch Club. If you are an Alaskan, you know what that is!  He has acaught many  fish, with his favorite fishing place being in Valdez.  Gary has caught more fish, but it is important to point out that  his wife holds the family record of largest fish caught  (200 lb. halibut).  You can probably guess who is writing this?!

As a family, we also love to go four-wheeling, hiking, and travelling.  We also enjoy growing a garden, picking berries, and are avid followers of watching the  Aurora Borealis.  After 32 years of looking at the  Northern lights, you would think we would hardly bother, but  they are one of the most amazing, beautiful natural  wonders ever. 

We celebrate 37 years of marriage this  year.  We  have 7 amazing children that our lives revolve around.  Gary  is a true family man, always going to someone's soccer game, awards ceremony, or videotaping yet another birthday party.  We  are also "pet people", having enjoyed the company of many types of critters over the years.  Currently we are down to only two dogs and two cats, but we do love to attract wildlife with our birdfeeder and putting corn out at the pond across the street.  Gary  loves to be  home, surrounded by family, friends, and pets.  Our children are also busy, active people so we are constantly on the go.  It is a wonderful life!

Along with family, one the most important things to  us is our religion.  I cannot describe  the person Gary is, without bringing up religion because we try to live the way we believe we should, every single day.  It is a guiding force in our lives.  Church involvement and activities  are  an important part of  our routine.  And living the gospel of Jesus Christ is a daily endeavor.  We are filled with gratitude for the purpose and direction our lives have because of trying to follow God's plan for us.

Thank you for taking the time to read about Gary and our family.



Gary L. Stapp received his bachelors degree in Business from Brigham Young University. 

He attended Washburn School of Law, a private law school in Topeka, Kansas, where he received his Juris Doctorate.

Following law school Gary became a JAG officer in the US Air Force. 

He also worked for the Fairbanks North Star Borough as a staff attorney.

Gary has been in private practice now for 30 years.  In the past, he has held private contracts to provide legal services for the City of Fairbanks,  the State of Alaska, the Federal Panel of attorneys, and many local  unions.   

Gary  continues to take legal education classes each year,  and attend seminars to keep  current on changing aspects of law.

 Legal Community:

Since moving to Alaska Gary Stapp has established his presence with  attorneys, judges, and clients. 

He has maintained steady involvement in the Alaska Bar Association, and the local Tanana Valley Bar Association.  His participation in the Tanana Valley Bar Association has been at a high level. 

Gary served in the following offices of the Tanana Valley Bar Association: President, Vice- President, Secretary and Treasurer.  He has helped plan and organize many activities for the support and help of the legal community.  He meets weekly for discussions and planning meetings. 

Gary has annually donated pro bono work, to help individuals in need.  He feels it is important to give back to the community, and does so in many ways.

Gary was selected to receive the prestigious TOP 10 Attorney Award from the National Academy of Family Law Attorneys (NAFLA) for 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019  for his legal representation in family matters including divorce and custody. 

Also nominated in 2016 as "Top 10 Attorneys" by the American Jurist Institute.

Attorney Profile

The Law Office of Gary L. Stapp is located at 225 Wendell Ave., directly across the street from the Morris Thompson Cultural center, one block east of the courthouse.

Coming from the North, the Old Steese Hwy turns into Wendell Ave after crossing the Wendell street bridge near Play It Again Sports.   Call for's not hard to find us, but this is Fairbanks.  

Address:  225 Wendell Ave, Suite A

Fairbanks, Alaska 99701

Phone:  (907)452-4452

fax:  (907) 452-4453

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