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Honesty • Integrity • Dedication

​At the Law Office of Gary L. Stapp, I provide comprehensive litigation and trial representation. With more than 27 years of experience, I possess the skills and resources required to pursue resolutions to complex legal matters.

As a dedicated general practice attorney, my goal is to provide thorough guidance for a wide range of issues. I understand the emotional, physical and financial hardships associated with complicated legal issues. I don't limit my representation to one set area of the law because I strive to provide guidance that meets the needs of our Alaska community.

​​As a former military JAG officer, I have firsthand knowledge of how certain legal issues can affect military families. I proudly offer my legal services to Alaska's military community, and    offer a  military discount. We accept Visa and MasterCard, and we also accept union benefit plans (including ASEA, APEA, Laborers Union, and others).

ATTORNEY IN Fairbanks 

serving Alaska for 32 years

   At  the Law Office of Gary L. Stapp, I provide extensive litigation and trial representation as a criminal law attorney,  for my clients in the district and federal courts. I have been practicing law and providing sound legal advice in Fairbanks, for more than 32 years and possess a strong understanding of how the legal system and judicial system operate. I am committed to helping clients obtain the best possible outcome in their case, whether it be an insurance settlement or a not guilty verdict.

    As a Fairbanks criminal law attorney, I prepare every case for trial. I strive to ensure my criminal defense clients receive fair and just treatment from the state. I  review your case from every angle to determine the best course of action. My goal is to minimize your consequences through thorough case preparation and sophisticated defense strategies. Areas of practice include extensive experience in defending  DUI, DWI, and drug cases, as well as traffic tickets, sexual assault, and a wide variety of other criminal charges.  At the Law Office of Gary L. Stapp we understand the stigma and shame associated with an ongoing criminal case, and strive to resolve it as quickly as possible.  

If you are looking for a criminal defense lawyer in Fairbanks

criminal defense attorney for help with your

case, then you want someone with years of

success in the Alaska Court System. 

   Divorce and Custody Issues are some of the most important issues you may ever have to face. The process can be a painful and frightening experience. The uncertainty alone can make you feel vulnerable and insecure, and the outcome can affect your life for years to come. The questions are many. Can I support myself? Who gets the house? Will I have to move? Will this affect my retirement? What about our shared debts? Who pays those? Can I afford child support and still take care of myself? Will the kids be okay? What is the best way to end this relationship and move on with my life?

My experience includes divorce, custody and visitation, alimony, and asset division.  You will need clear thinking, compassionate assistance as you go  through this  difficult time. I have provided a helpful list for those preparing for divorce.  It can be viewed on the "divorce" link at the top of this page.

When you call my office you will be communicating with me. 

I will talk with you directly and together we can efficiently, negotiate a path to resolve your legal matters.

  Personal injury  cases can be some of the most painful, traumatic type of cases.  If you are looking for  an attorney who will aggressively pursue those responsible, leaving you to heal and recover in peace, then look no further.  Gary is experienced with a wide variety of personal injury accident s including car accidents, snowmachine & four-wheeler  accidents, motorcycle accidents, and other disabling injuries.  Some of the most common injuries can cause years of pain and suffering. You need an attorney who will pursue your best interests, making sure you have the resources available to make a complete recovery.  Remember...DO NOT SIGN ANYTHING from the   insurance company until you have talked to an attorney.  At The Law Office of Gary L. Stapp, consultations for personal injury cases are always free.  Call for an appointment. 

  Wrongful Death is an even more traumatic issue. Wrongful death occurs when an innocent person is killed in an accident that is the fault of another.  If someone  else caused the death of your loved one in a vehicle accident, you may  have a  wrongful  death claim.   If you are an immediate family member dealing with the loss of a loved one you should seek the counsel of a sensitive, and understanding attorney to take your case.  You are in a grief process, and need someone who  thinks clearly to counsel and guide you through your legal process. 

  We know that no amount of money can replace a loved one.  We understand there is no true compensation  for that  loss. But we also know that when you  are  grieving the death of a loved family member,  it can be helpful to know that those responsible will be held accountable, and that a good  settlement can bring relief while you are mourning.  Our hearts go out to you, as we are sincerely sorry  for your loss.  Call for your free  consultation, or visit our Wrongful Death page. The  link is  at the top of the page.